Database of Select Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS) Reviews

The information contained in this database is intended as a quick reference for retrieving the SCOGS opinion, and CFR citations on LSRO reviewed substances. It is advised that the reviewer refer to the hardcopy SCOGS report in order to make the most appropriate evaluation of the substance in question and to learn further details about potential toxicology and safety issues discussed in the LSRO review. Although reasonable effort was made to ensure that the SCOGS opinion published in this database reflects what is written in the SCOGS report, the information may not be precisely the same due to inadvertent human error. Additional information regarding the contents of this database, the History of GRAS and SCOGS reviews is available on the SCOGS main page

Records shown on this page: This page is a partial listing of all records in the SCOGS database. Additional pages/records are available for selection at the bottom of the page. To obtain all the SCOGS Opinions for the food substance, select the substance name to reveal the additional information. To search for a specific food ingredient, enter the term in the Filter box and select Show Items to display only those records that contain the selected term.