VIPERdb -Virus particle explorer

  • This web site describes various icosahedral virus capsid structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) in terms of their complete capsids, detailed structural and computational analysis

  • The protomeric (asymmetric unit) coordinates were transformed and stored in a single icosahedral convention (2(Z)-3-5-(X)2). Coordinates (sometimes) were further processed by rearranging the nucleic acid residues, hetero atoms, and water molecules (if present) at the end of the protein chains for the ease of further analysis.

  • Structures are classified in terms of their quasi-symmetry (e.g. T=3, T=4, T=7) and pseudo-symmetry (e.g., P=3).

  • Tools are being developed to study the capsids in terms of structural, energetic and assembly aspects . The derived results are made available throught this website.

  • You are welcome to download the figures and the data presented at this website. Please cite the reference and the VIPERdb website when you use them in the publications/ posters/ presentations. Thanks for your cooperation.
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