NGSLib-Next Generation Sequencing LIBrary

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About the site
NGSLib (Next Generation Sequencing LIBrary) is a web library created to gain and publish information about algorithms used in the field of next-gen sequencing. Within this digital library you can find detailed information about the algorithms as well as links to their websites and publications.  If you are a developer of a topical related software package feel free to  register and to publish your own algorithms within our library.
The second aim of NGSLib is to compare and test the most used and promising algorithms for sequence analysis and manipulation. The testing and comparison results will help researchers to quickly decide which algorithms are best for their needs.
About how to contact us
The easiest way to reach us is via email under [email protected]. Moreover, the email addresses of the individual team members are listed below.
About the Institute
The Division for Bioinformatics at Innsbruck Medical University is committed to the generation, management, and leveraging of high-throughput data from genomic studies with special focus on next generation sequencing. Activities include bioinformatic education and services for the scientific community, development of databases and tools for computational analysis of genomic and sequencing data, and consulting for software engineering.
NGSLib was started as a student project at the Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics and was moved in August 2010 to the Division for Bioinformatics, Innsbruck Medical University
About the team behind NGSLib
Aleksandra Bogojeska
       Aleksandra Bogojeska
       Msc Student
       Tel: +43-316-873-5326
       Email: [email protected]
       Activities: NGSLib CMS, algorithm testing
Maria Fischer
      Maria Fischer, PhD
      PhD Student
      Tel: +43-316-873-5346
      Email: [email protected]
      Activities: pipeline development, algorithm testing
Gernot Stocker
      Gernot Stocker, PhD
      Postdoctoral Research Fellow
      Tel: +43-316-873-5345
      Email: [email protected]
      Activities: project coordination, pipeline development