EU US shortcourse 2013 on Marine Bioinformatics finished


Over the last two weeks 30 participants (15 from the US and 15 from the EU) have meet in Newark, Delaware for the  Joint EU-US Theoretical and Practical Training Course on Marine Bioinformatics "Marine Omics". With excellent participants and speakers we had a great time with a lots of information and lovely social events to trigger discussions and mutual understanding. 

What is Micro B3?

Micro B3 stands for “Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology“ which reflects the three main pillars the project addresses. The central concept of this collaborative project (large-scale integrating project) is to team up an interdisciplinary and intersectoral set of world class European researchers to overcome current obstacles in marine biodiversity research and blue biotechnology. Micro B3 fully addresses the Ocean of Tomorrow Call Topic OCEAN.2011-2: “Marine microbial diversity – new insights into marine ecosystems functioning and its biotechnological potential”.