To sequence or not to sequence is no longer the question.

To sequence or not to sequence is no longer the question.
The mantra "sequence once, read often" is rapidly becoming a part of mainstream medicine. Still, huge challenges of applying this revolutionary technology in the clinic remain including scientific, regulatory, ethical, and financial issues. Instead of basic research, clinicians need efficient, repeatable processes and are still confronted with a plethora of platforms, software tools, databases, and few if any best practices for interpreting, storing and sharing a patient's genomic data.
Bio-IT World and Cambridge Healthtech Institute are again proud to host The 2nd Annual TCGC: The Clinical Genome Conference, inviting stakeholders from all arenas impacting clinical genomics to share new findings and solutions for advancing the application of clinical genome sequencing.
TCGC brings together many constituencies for frank and vital discussion of the applications, questions and solutions surrounding clinical genome analysis, including scientists, physicians, diagnosticians, genetic counselors, bioinformaticists, ethicists, regulators, insurers, lawyers, and administrators.
This 2-part event covers the science of sequencing and the business of translating genomics into the clinic
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