Graduate Fellowships in Machine Learning / Bioinformatics from Bioinformatics Laboratory, ICS-FORTH : Heraklion, Greece

Fellowships to graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) to conduct their research in the laboratory under the supervision of the researchers of the lab. Students must first be accepted to a graduate program in University of Crete. 


Background: The Bioinformatics Laboratory (BIL) is a recent laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (ICS-FORTH) founded in 2011. BIL is also affiliated with the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete (CSD, UoC): the Head of the lab, Prof. Tsamardinos is also an Assistant Professor at CSD, UoC; additionally, the laboratory offers several fellowships to UoC graduate students. BIL members have pioneered state-of-the-art methods for variable selection, for learning causal models, and most recently for Integrative Causal Analysis, a new approach to learning from multiple and heterogeneous datasets. Overall, FORTH is ranked first among Greek research institutions in number of citations and 12th among European research institutions in EU FP7 funded-project participations. Ph.D. and M.Sc. Student Fellowships: The laboratory offers several fellowships to excellent students from the University of Crete (particularly, the Computer Science Department) supervised by BIL researchers. For M.Sc. students the stipend can be as high as 750 EUR / month, while for Ph.D. students it can reach up to 1000 EUR / month (subject to academic performance and participation in funded research grants). To be eligible for such a fellowship you should first apply and be accepted to a graduate program in the University of Crete (see for procedures). Contact Prof. Tsamardinos for more details. Applications are welcome from students with a computer science background, but also applied mathemetics, engineering, and other related backgrounds are welcome. Preferences: BIL’s contracts are renewed annually. However, we emphasize that BIL is searching to hire and invest on individuals that have a long-term interest in working in the laboratory and build a long-term career in research in general. Location: FORTH is located near Heraklion, the 4th largest city in Greece on the island of Crete. The location is ideal for people who enjoy sunny weather and aquatic activities, or are attracted by the history and archeological sites of the island. FORTH is a multi-national, multi-cultural environment with dozens of foreign students, post-docs, and researchers from around the world. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) is co-located at the FORTH’s Heraklion campus with employees from all over Europe.

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For more information contact: Ioannis Tsamardinos Head of Bioinformatics Laboratory Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas email: [email protected] Tel: +30 2810 391617 URL: and